From left: Minister Airlangga Hartarto (Indonesia), Dr Nabil Fachliansyah (Pramita), Dr Andrew Wu (Mesh Bio), Minister Gan Kim Yong (Singapore)

Mesh Bio and PT Pramita Ink MOU to Digitally Advance Preventive Healthcare in Indonesia through Predictive Analytics Software

SINGAPORE, 17 March 2023, Singapore-based Mesh Bio, a digital health deep tech startup transforming chronic disease management through predictive analytics, and leading diagnostics services provider in Indonesia, PT Pramita (Pramita) today announced a regional partnership to deliver predictive analytics-powered medical check-ups and preventive health services in Indonesia. In a mutual commitment to address the healthcare burden of an aging population with rising chronic diseases and healthcare costs, the partnership strives to drive positive health outcomes through digital transformation of medical check ups and preventive health services.

The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed on 15 March 2023 by Dr Andrew Wu, Co-Founder and CEO of Mesh Bio and Dr Nabil Fachliansyah, Vice President of PT Pramita.It was witnessed by Singapore Minister for Trade & Industry Gan Kim Yong and Indonesian Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs Airlangga Hartarto as part of the Singapore-Indonesia Leaders’ Retreat held in Singapore.

According to a recent study on the state of health in Indonesia published by The Lancet, chronic diseases continue to affect the health of many Indonesians – amongst the top five leading risks contributing to health loss measured in disability adjusted life years (DALYs) in 2019 were high systolic blood pressure, high fasting plasma glucose, high BMI and more. These risk factors commonly lead to chronic conditions such as diabetes, obesity and hypertension.The impetus to manage the burden of non-communicable diseases has thus been identified by the government to be urgent health policy concerns, especially so due to the high cost involved to treat and manage such diseases in a population that has increased its life expectancy by 6-8 years on average since 1990. The partnership between Mesh Bio and Pramita aims to address this through the use ofMesh Bio’s proprietary software – DARA® Health Intelligence Platform.

Powered by an analytics engine that combines metabolic disease digital twins, data science and predictive analytics, the leading digital health platform in Singapore, enables healthcare providers to deliver personalised preventive care with intelligent healthcare data. DARA® improves patient engagement and health outcomes by providing actionable health insights through personalised disease risk and adverse event predictions. This first-in-class solution will be rolled out in Indonesia for the first time and enable precision patient intervention to be delivered to a large population in an affordable and scalable manner.

“With a growing ageing population across the globe, delivering innovative solutions to address the healthcare burden of chronic diseases has always been at the core of Mesh Bio. We are thrilled to be able to take our solutions to new shores with Pramita. With more than 30 centres all over Indonesia, we believe the partnership will improve the patient experience and drive more positive health outcomes for Indonesians as we tackle the growing chronic disease burden.” said Dr Andrew Wu, Co-Founder and CEO of Mesh Bio.

“Mesh Bio has extensive knowledge and innovations in the healthcare space that can enhance how we deliver preventive care services to our customers. The MOU underscores the shared commitment we have to advance health care offerings for Indonesians. We look forward to catalysing greater collaboration in the adoption of digital solutions within the healthcare industry, including exploring the possibilities of deep-tech solutions across other fields of medicine and healthcare services.” said Dr Nabil Fachliansyah, Vice President of PT Pramita.



About Mesh Bio

Mesh Bio is a digital health startup focused on addressing the growing global clinical burden of metabolic diseases driven by an aging population, and challenges in care delivery. Mesh Bio develops clinical decision support analytics and automation solutions for management of chronic disease, such as cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. These solutions enable data driven care delivery, improving patient engagement, and health outcomes. Mesh Bio’s DARA® is a Health Intelligence Platform that empowers precision clinical intervention at scale. Predictive analytics on multidimensional health data streams and clinical workflow automation enables health care providers to enhance operational efficiency, personalise care delivery and increase patient engagement.


About PT Pramita

Pramita is a private Indonesian company that specializes in health laboratory services. Their one-stop service concept is designed to provide quick, accurate results while ensuring customer comfort. To maintain high-quality services, Pramita adheres to standard quality requirements from ISO 15189:2022, ISO 9001:2015, and national accreditation.

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