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Health Screening

Health Screening Module

DARA's Health Screening Module revolutionalises health digitalisation by translating clinical data and numbers into actionable insights that help patients better manage their health, lifestyle, and disease risk through Predictive Analytics & Clinical Workflow Automation.
workflow automation
Clinical Workflow Automation

DARA helps primary care providers, health screening centres and hospitals save time by automating complex and tedious risk analysis.

Report Generated in less than 20 sec
Improved Turnaround Time
holistic assessment
Holistic Patient Assessment

DARA’s risk assessment algorithms are based on gold standards which complies with your local clinical practice guidelines.

Quality of Care
Personalized Care Delivery
patient visualization
Patient-centric Visualization

DARA allows patients an easy understanding of their laboratory reports, while engaging the high risk patients for follow-ups.

Health Ownership
Health Upkeep
customer journey

Covers patient’s entire health screening journey from registration to report delivery

customer journey

Covers patient’s entire health screening journey from registration to report delivery


The DARA tool helps us to access and trend the cardiovascular risk for my patients, presenting the data in a simple to understand format.

—Medical Director, Health Screening Provider Singapore


Patient-centric Reports

DARA summarises key findings from patient’s health screening results for easy interpretation, understanding, increasing engagement.

Best Practice and Actionable Recommendations

Clinical and lifestyle recommendations engine covering thousands of medical scenarios, can be customized to direct patients to targeted care and wellness services.

Up to 10 years of disease risk projection

Patient’s risk trends are projected for the next 10 years to help them better understand the implications of their lifestyle on health.

Multiple disease datapoints at a glance

Risk of diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and hypertension can be analyzed in a single report.

Population health score aggregation

DARA performs automated population health analytics of risk and drivers to enhance corporate health management.