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Predictive Analytics and Clinical Workflow Automation


Referral Module

DARA's Referral Module is a completely digitalized workflow which can be easily adopted by clinics and specialists alike to replace the existing manual referral process involving manually typing and preparation of a referral letter for patient while unable to track the status and progress of the referral.

Requests can be sent to specialist based on network or insurance panel.

Streamlined workflow to include physician notes and screening results.

Track the progress of referrals sent and whom it was sent to.

Digitalized Referral Letter
Tracking of referral sent

Specialist has the freedom to accept or decline request.

Each digital referral may include supporting medical records with appropriate consent.

Holistic overview of patient's medical history.

Secure Exchange of Medical Records
Holistic Care Delivery

Dashboard to track the number of referrals sent to referrals sent to each specialty and specialist.

Receive feedback from specialist to health screening centers.

Real time update of referrals in progress.

Real-time update
Closed loop

Allows seamless digital referral between healthcare providers with secured sharing of consented patient health data

Allows seamless digital referral between healthcare providers with secured sharing of consented patient health data


The DARA tool helps us to access and trend the cardiovascular risk for my patients, presenting the data in a simple to understand format.

—Medical Director, Health Screening Provider Singapore


Patient-centric Reports

DARA summarises key findings from patient’s health screening results for easy interpretation, understanding, increasing engagement.

Best Practice and Actionable Recommendations

Clinical and lifestyle recommendations engine covering thousands of medical scenarios, can be customized to direct patients to targeted care and wellness services.

Up to 10 years of disease risk projection

Patient’s risk trends are projected for the next 10 years to help them better understand the implications of their lifestyle on health.

Multiple disease datapoints at a glance

Risk of diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and hypertension can be analyzed in a single report.

Population health score aggregation

DARA performs automated population health analytics of risk and drivers to enhance corporate health management.